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Goodbye, PCOS crutch!

So those of us who have PCOS (or know someone who does) are probably aware of the struggle with losing weight. Granted not all women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have issues with obesity, but a large portion does (pun intended). After gaining 75 lbs within one year, I started to feel like a hopeless hippo. In 2014 I began working in a hospital office about 50 miles from our humble abode. Me and Mike were in the process of buying a house, so i took a job offer that would be closer to our new home. Now if you do the math, I was driving a little over an hour each way, and was at work for 8.5 hours… that’s about 11 hours of straight up sitting on my ass per day. Can you say sedentary lifestyle. Without surprise, within just a few months I put on another 20 lbs.

But you know what? I only gained that weight because of the PCOS. Right? WRONG. I gained that weight because I was being lazy. It was time to throw away the PCOS crutch. What I leaned on as my excuse for the weight gain.

So one day, after my knees had screamed at me for climbing up the stairs, I went to my bedroom and stood in front of my mirror. I really looked at myself. I was 27 years old. I had a thick middle section, which is the unhealthiest place to hold weight. I had high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. I was drinking too much alcohol and eating way too much processed foods. I was killing myself, slowly, every single day by not taking care of this body I was so blessed to be given. And on that day, I changed my horrible habits. I now eat as much whole food as I can. I work out several days a week, and am sure to go outside and walk on at least one of my two breaks per day. And guess what? I feel friggin’ wonderful!

Now, I would be lying if I said this weight loss journey has been easy. I struggle with food addiction every day of my life. I have lost 40 lbs thus far, and have about 30 left to go until I am in a “healthy weight range”. People around me lose weight at a depressingly faster rate than I do, and that can certainly put a damper on my motivation.  But I am making the necessary changes to be a healthier me. I know I have to lose weight if I want to have a baby. And when I do become a mother, I want to have as much time with him or her as humanly possible. I still slip up. I have my days where I binge eat, and I skip the gym too many days in a row. But one thing I have in control is knowing that PCOS is not running my life. And that I can’t use it as an excuse to be unhealthy anymore.

So for those of you working to lose your extra weight, stay strong! You’re doing a great job. Be patient, it takes time to come off. Every day that you are trying to make positive changes, you are making progress.


Cyster Love,


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