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Hysterosalpingogram… Whhha??

One of the main reasons I decided to start this blog was to educate. I feel like it is important not only for the women who are going through it, but also the people who aren’t. Being the individual that is supposed to be our support system can be as stressful as actually going through the infertility, in my opinion. You may not know what to say, or what you can do to help. You probably feel totally helpless. If I can give even the smallest amount of insight on what’s REALLY going on during this journey maybe, just maybe, it can help some of you out.

With that being said, One of the biggest and most important pieces of advice that I can give to the ladies who are starting their infertility journey is to not believe everything you see or read on the internet. I know, I know. Seems a little cliche coming from someone trying to feed information to you through a blog, but TRUST ME. Sometimes what you see online can do more harm than anything else. As I’m sure you guessed, infertility comes with frequent Dr. Visits and ample amounts of testing. One of those tests is the Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG for short. Before I go into detail about this test, let me just mention I made the mistake of googling and You tubing this procedure. Video after video told me it was going to be the most excruciating, painful thing I have ever been through. Women we’re crying in pain, and out of work for days. Of course at that point I had myself in a nervous panic. I was probably going to die on that table (Drama Queen). The truth is I had myself in a frenzy for no reason. Was it uncomfortable? Yeah, it was.  But it was over almost as soon as it started and I got to guilt Mike into taking me to Buffalo Wild Wings after. Sounds like a win to me. Bottom line, don’t look too much into this stuff. I understand everyone has different pain tolerance, but there is no reason to stress yourself out about things that you don’t need to.

Ok, so what is this Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) im talking about anyways.

A HSG is a procedure that is in most cases done in a hospital setting. A series of X-Rays are taken of both the uterus and Fallopian tubes. For most women, the Dr. is looking for evidence of a Fallopian tube blockage. When I had this done it was preformed by my Gynecologist. A couple days before the procedure she prescribed me a basic antibiotic. This is just a precaution against any infection that could potentially be caused by the ink that is used during the HSG. The timing for this procedure is very important. It has to be done between you period and ovulation, because this is the time where you are least likely to be pregnant. I want to say mine was done on cycle day 10 (CD 10).

When you get to the hospital/clinic the first thing they have you do is strip down (Bom Chicka-wow-wow) into a johnny. This is where your nerves will hopefully not be raging with fear TOO much because you didn’t watch You Tube videos before. Right? Right. The Dr. will have you lay down on the table. A speculum will be inserted into your lady parts to hold it open, much like a normal annual exam. After your cervix is cleaned a very thin tube will be inserted into your cervix, and Iodine Ink will fill the Uterus. (This is where the discomfort comes in. The ink doesn’t feel good going in, but I promise you, you’ll survive it. Think of bad PMS cramping.) The Radiologist will watch as the ink hopefully smoothly flows through your fallopian tubes. And guess what? You’re done! 5-10 minutes tops, and you’re out of there. I suggest you have a pity party and make your significant other treat you to lunch too! After the HSG you may experience some light bleeding, and I had some PMS-like cramping.


So, when I had this done, I didn’t exactly get the results I was hoping for. Turns out I have one totally blocked tube. With everything I already had working against me, finding out I’m operating with half of the equipment was a real bummer. My Gyno still seemed hopeful though; As she said, “you only need ONE tube to get pregnant”. So I’m continuing to stay hopeful! Here’s to my one Fallopian Tube! You’ve got this!

**All you ladies out there trying for your miracle baby, I know it’s hard. So much work goes into it when you can’t just get pregnant on your own. It’s painful. It’s expensive. It’s exhausting. But stay strong, I know it will all be worth it some day.**

Cyster Love,



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6 thoughts on “Hysterosalpingogram… Whhha??”

  1. This isn’t my story, but my baby cousin also has PCOS, and one blocked tube and is due Dec 2017.. if it can happen for her it most certainly can happen for you 🙂 She likes to say, “I’m so good at making babies I only needed one ovary”


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