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Feelin’ like a busted can of biscuits

So first off.. the title says it all. I have really been sucking at this whole dieting/weight loss thing. I would much rather eat an entire bag of coffee flavored M&M’s. And I have.  Several times. I’m feeling a lot like my Ginger cat Dougie looks in that picture (no body shaming Dougie, Mamma loves you just the way you are ❤ ). You would think with a wedding 8 months away I would have more drive to get fit, but it’s just not happening.

I had one of my two yearly physical’s last week… Always a fun time, and perfect for reminding me how off track I have been. I have one at the beginning of the year with my Gynecologist who takes care of all my lady parts and everything PCOS/Infertility related. Then I have one at the end of the year with my PCP (to satisfy my insurance company) that takes care of everything else. I don’t know if any of you have the same issue as me, but my PCP (primary care physician) literally changes every year. I mean it. EVERY YEAR. It’s nearly impossible to create a trusting relationship with your Dr. when you meet them for the first time yearly.

ANYWAYS. When my new Dr walked in, I was at first kind of stunned. She honestly looked 12. And I’m not saying that because “12” is always my go to number when I am being a drama queen. She legitimately looked like a middle school child. This information is totally irrelevant, but I felt the need to throw it in, Well, because. What am I doing with my life?? Regardless of that, she was WONDERFUL. She was thorough, didn’t make me feel rushed, and I actually felt like she gave a crap about my well-being. I told her PLEASSSEE don’t leave the practice!

So here is the run down on what’s going on with yours truly:

Weight:  I’ve gotten the scale to stay pretty much where it is for the last year or so… but it hasn’t gone down. I still would like to lose around 30 more lbs by the end of next year. I have read that losing 10-15% of your weight can drastically increase your chances of conceiving. If there is anything I should be using for motivation, it’s that.

Blood Work: Every year I have my thyroid monitored. I have several family members who have thyroid disease, and with all of my hormonal issues they always want to make sure it is in check. Came back perfect as usual! I also have my glucose levels checked yearly. When I was at my heaviest weight, and diagnosed with PCOS, I was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My levels were borderline type two diabetic, which is what really got my butt in gear to lose weight. Since changing my habits and losing nearly 40 lbs, I am in the healthy range (but still on the high-end of healthy!). This is definitely something I still need to work on. Lastly they checked my Iron levels. I had complained (again) about my hair loss and she thought it would be a good idea to check for anemia. That also came back Okay, which is great, but I was hoping for a “cure”. She did tell me, however, to go back on Prenatals, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin D12 and see how that works. I guess it’s a good idea to get my body ready to try for a baby again anyways!

Heart: This is where the real kicker comes in. When I was younger (probably middle school aged) I was told I had a heart murmur. Basically every year since then, It was never brought up again. I was actually told it was gone at one point. Well according to my new Dr. It’s still there, and it’s pretty bad. She took her stethoscope off to make me take a listen, and ordered me an Echo Cardiogram. I’m schedule for that next week. I’m hoping it will be nothing serious, trying to stay positive! I do NOT need any other health issues.

So my game plan for this year is to continue working on losing weight, eating a more heart healthy diet (trying a Mediterranean diet!), putting more effort into working out at least 4 times a week, and just over all trying to be the healthiest version of me! I’m going to try to work more towards getting healthy and less towards getting skinny. It’s a struggle every day, but I know it is possible, and I know it is worth it.

Any suggestions on yummy, Mediterranean meals???

Cyster Love,


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