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The Lost Stork

Every day, somewhere far, far, away, the storks are busy working.

They perform lots of tests, and try their best, to do the most superb version of “Storking”.

You see, happy couples all over the world, have asked for the blessing of family.

And at the end of the day, maybe, just maybe, the storks have created their perfect baby.

One baby in particular, who had been prayed for (for years) by a lovely couple in love,

Had just completed the miracle of being created, at the Stork factory based high above.

The Stork bundled her up, gave a kiss for good luck, as they prepared for the upcoming travels.

Placed her in a pink cloth, flew into the sky, and their journey to home began to unravel.

For miles and miles, the stork trudged on, pushing through winds and showers.

He flew over mountains, and soared through valleys. He searched for her new home for hours.

No amount of effort, no matter the struggle, the oodles of houses he crossed.

He just couldn’t find it, He couldn’t deny it, The baby girl and stork were lost.

The loving couple began to worry. Would their chance at parenting ever come?

It seemed forever, since they prayed for this miracle. Their moods became sad and glum.

Together they wanted nothing more than to parent, they knew that from the very start.

Realizing that this dream may never happen, began to break both of their hearts.

Just as their hope seemed to diminish, They heard a loud tap on the door.

The stork had found his way after all, they weren’t lost anymore.

The moral of the story is to never give up, no matter how much your hearts yearn.

Your storks flight might be bit longer, he may just have made a wrong turn.

Cyster Love,


**  Never lose hope, our day will come! Maybe our Storks are just lost 🙂  **

Follow my blog to spread awareness! ❤

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