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Sweating for the Wedding Challenge

The big wedding day is just a little over 7 months away (holy crap where did the time go?!). I wish I could say I was right where I want to be health/weight wise, but I definitely am not. And I am assuming that since the last 11.5 months went by so fast, I can expect the next seven to as well, if not faster.

I’ve mentioned in a couple of my past blogs that I have fallen a little off track with the weight loss. I’ve managed to maintain which is great, but I am still in the “obese” portion of the BMI chart. That is just not going to cut it. Not only because I want to feel the most beautiful I ever have while dancing in my wedding dress, but also because being a healthy weight can greatly increase my chances of conceiving naturally. If losing some inches can not only make me a mother, but save me thousands of dollars by not needing fertility aid, than I have NO excuse to not at least try.

Friends and family are starting to get nervous for me. According to most wedding planning guidelines, I really should have tried on, fell in love with, and purchased my wedding gown several months ago. I am buying my dress online, and have been pushing off the purchase date for well, above said several months. I know buying a wedding dress online, unseen, sounds scary. But it has great reviews, and they take your exact measurements and create the dress to your body. Plus, it’s exactly what I was looking for. And did I mention it’s only $100 bucks? SIGN ME UP! I keep thinking I will lose a little more weight before the wedding, hence me pushing off ordering it. Kind of hard to lose weight when I’m not putting any effort into it though… (is eating cookies and chips for an entire weekend acceptable?)

So I’ve decided to give myself a little challenge. I’m going to totally put myself out there (and embarrass the shit out of myself) to hopefully keep yours truly accountable. I’m going to order my dress in 6 weeks, which puts me at December 31st. Every 6 weeks until the month of my wedding (which gives me about 4 “weigh-in’s) I’m going to post my progress in a new blog. I will list my weight, inches lost, and a before and after wearing my super cute and cliché “sweating for the wedding” tank top I found on Etsy. (I think taking pictures is really important for anyone on a weight loss journey. We can be our hardest critics, so seeing the proof can really help with the motivation!) I will update you on healthy habits I have incorporated in every day living, and things I have altered to create these positive changes. I will (hopefully) encourage other ladies and gents out there to start their journey as well. Our lives aren’t long, but we can help to make them longer.

As I mentioned, losing 10-15% of your weight can greatly increase your chances of conceiving. That means I should lose between 18 and 27 more pounds before we try again for our baby Perley. I’ve lost around 35 so far, so what’s 27 more? (Insert sarcasm here) I’m not planning on this huge, mind-blowing loss. I am hoping for slow and steady. One pound a week would be amazing. Is it harder to lose weight with PCOS? Absolutely. Is it impossible? Hell no! So here it is, weigh in number one! **For some reason the idea of posting my weight online seems even more horrifying than telling the world I’m infertile? #societysucks

Highest weight: 217       

Current weight: 181.8

Total inches lost to date: 32.65       Total weight loss to date: 35.2

Measurements in inches (number in parenthesis is original starting measurement)

Neck: 14.25 (16)

Left Arm: 13.75 (14.5)

Right Arm: 13.5 (14.5)

Chest: 45 (51.5)

Waist: 38.5 (45)

Stomach (belly button): 43 (I didn’t start this measurement right away unfortunately. The biggest I have is 44.5)

Hips: 41 (45)

Left Thigh: 21 (24.5)

Right Thigh: 22 (24)

Left Calf: 14.5 (15)

Right Calf: 14.25 (15.5)

 That back view has always been my least favorite D; I am TERRIFIED to see what kind of crazy shit a strapless bra would do on those back roll baby’s!

I’ll update you in 6 weeks! (aprox. December 31!)

223 days until we tie the knot!!!


Cyster Love,


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