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PCOS Pondering

We all know that no one can really explain the underlying cause of PCOS. For most of us Cysters, it just kind of happened. Out of no where. My first sign that something was out of the ordinary was the weight gain, and then came the lack of periods (which can be caused by weight gain). The more I gained, the more symptoms I noticed. So where obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome go hand in hand,  I find myself often wondering Is weight gain caused by PCOS, or is PCOS caused by weight gain??

I can’t help but wonder. All of my problems seemed to start when I (stupidly) moved out of my parents home at the age of 21. My lifestyle drastically changed. I mean that. DRASTICALLY. I went from healthy home cooked meals every day, to take out, energy drinks, and alcohol. I never ate at a scheduled time, and many nights I was eating dinner well after I should have already been catching Z’s. It didn’t take long for the scale to start moving in a very unhealthy direction.

Not long after the weight gain began and the periods ended, I started to notice more changes in my appearance. My hair seemed to be thinning. I had CONSTANT aching and cramping in my lower abdomen. I had to invest in some really great tweezers. Everything just felt “off”. I decided it was time to make an appointment with my family Doctor. The results were in, and they weren’t good. My blood pressure was through the roof, I’m fairly certain I heard the scale whimper when I stood on it, and due to the insulin resistance my blood sugar test confirmed I was borderline diabetic. CRAAAAPPP.

It’s said by Doctors and pretty much anywhere else you research, that the most effective way to get this disease under control is to lead a healthy lifestyle and to LOSE WEIGHT. Insulin resistance is extremely likely to occur with obesity, and that resistance is what causes many of the issues related to PCOS. Could my unhealthy habits have wreaked so much havoc on my body that it just threw my hormones all out of whack? Did it raise some hormones, and lower others? Could it have thrown off the total equilibrium of everything in my body that made it function normally? Granted, I know that not all women with PCOS are over weight. I mean have you seen Jillian Michaels?!? But from what I have seen, researched, and communicated with others, most of the women with very noticeable side effects (i.e. excess hair, elevated testosterone levels, hair loss, insulin resistance) are overweight.

So if by getting myself into a healthy weight range I will eliminate much of the evidence of PCOS, is it safe to assume that in many cases the excess weight could be causing it? Or at least  “provoked” the PCOS symptoms to occur?

What are my fellow Cysters thoughts on this? Did anyone else’s symptoms become more noticeable after gaining some weight?

Cyster Love,


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7 thoughts on “PCOS Pondering”

  1. I think the excess weight aggravates PCOS because fat increases hormonal changes, especially insulin levels. There are still thin people with PCOS. I have noticed that when I lose weight I have more regular cycles, but not sure if I ovulate with them. I just learned recently that there are 5 types of PCOS so there may be different causes for the different types?

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    1. I agree! I definitely think the extra weight causes issues with hormone levels. I had no idea that there was more than one kind of PCOS. I guess that would explain why we all have totally different experiences with it. Some are thin and have no issues conceiving and others are infertile and over weight. I will have to look into that! ❤


  2. My symptoms did not exist when I was thin…and since I’ve gained weight, they are certainly more prominent…but the one thing I do not have is insulin resistance or any problems with my blood sugar levels – despite being overweight. I think weight has A LOT to do with the symptoms, but I am not convinced it affects the disease….too many thin women also have it.

    Also… I also just learned there are multiple types of PCOS (who knew???) and it’s interesting to read through them and see which one you fit best with!

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    1. Yes! My cousin just informed me there is more than one type too! I had no idea! I think people are finally starting to realize pcos is a problem that affects tons of women around the world, and they’re beginning to research it more! Thank you for your input, I will definitely be looking into the types of pcos!

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