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Love stories and wedding planning

Today, November 29th, marks one whole year since my soon-to-be hubby proposed to me (like a total princess, may I add). It also is just one day short of 7 months until we say our “I do’s.” The whole thing is SO exciting, and yet SO scary all at the same time. It seems like I’ve been changing the months on my calendar at an alarmingly fast rate, and our big day is coming faster than I can believe.

I have always been a planner. Whether it be a family game night, or writing up an itinerary for an upcoming vacation, I LOVE it! And probably obsess over every little detail. I get some kind of satisfaction out of pulling all of these ideas together that creates something wonderful in the end.  And when you’re planning for the biggest, most exciting party you’ll ever throw,  it gives me the similar feelings that a kid in a candy shop may have. Pure joy, excitement, and maybe a little too much hyper activity.

For those of you that don’t know me and Mike personally, I’ll give you a little background. We have been together since April of 2012. I mentioned briefly in my first blog post that we had started talking online, went on our first date at Hampton Beach (that ended at a biker bar), and fell deeply in love shortly after. Mike was all I ever needed, and everything I was so sure didn’t exist. He was my knight in shining armor, and I count my blessings every day that I get to spend with him. Three short months after our first date, Mike moved in with me and my (at the time) roommates. One month after that, we had thrown all of our belongings together and traveled to southern NH where we rented our very first apartment, just me, him, and my Pitbull Rocco. Within the first year Mike gave into my obsession with all animals, and we adopted Sadie dog, ginger cat Dougie, and two turtles Marty & Matilda. So many four-legged babies. ❤

With things moving so quickly between us, I’m sure you can understand my lack of patience with the appearance of my naked ring finger. (Maybe? Humor me.) I’d say around 2 and a half years in, I started dropping hints. We had begun trying for a baby, we were looking into purchasing a home, and it was pretty evident we had no intentions of being with anyone else. I wanted that next step of commitment, and I wanted it NOW! Fast forward another two years, and guess what I still didn’t have. (I’m trying to build up the frustration here to falsely justify why I acted like a total snot bag the day before I got engaged.)

November 28th, 2016. The day my beautiful little sister and her boyfriend of (then) 6 years, got engaged. Right in front of me. In Disney world. I had a whirl-wind of emotions that night. I was so sure that this vacation was going to be my special trip. Initially I was SO flipping happy for them. I cried, and I hugged her. And I cried some more. Then I realized I was beginning to cry for myself. The evil green envy monster started to take over, and I became upset that it was her special night, and not mine. The way I acted is something I can never take back, and I will forever feel guilt and regret for ending that night early, when we should have stayed out celebrating the love-filled evening until the sun came up. But I didn’t. I acted like a spoiled brat, and I cut the night short. I went back to the hotel, showered, and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning there was no improvement in my mood. I rolled out of bed, threw my hair in a bun, and pulled on leggings and a T-shirt. The whole family met outside at the bus stop and we headed to Magic Kingdom for the day. When we arrived at the park there were no crowds, so we decided it was a great time to take our traditional pictures in front of the castle. My family lined up, facing the castle, urging me and Mike to take  pictures first, as they fumbled with their cameras. All I remember thinking was *Oh shit, this is happening, isn’t it. I’m such a bitch, I’m SUCH A BITCH!* Sure enough, Mike nonchalantly asked “are you fake smiling yet??”. He then got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife. Instead of saying yes, I covered my mouth and cried, this time out loud, “I’m suuuchh a biiitccchhhh”. This amazing picture perfectly depicts that (although most people have no idea that this is what’s actually being said). Also, Mike has some dang good taste, check out my beautiful ring!!

I started planning our wedding almost as soon as we got engaged. I ordered my wedding planner book in the airport, and I began brainstorming as soon as I got home. Like I said, I LOVE planning.

I decided on pink and gold for our colors. It’s going to have a rustic theme with a touch of glamour, because glitter is life. Instead of spending tens of thousands on a venue and catering, we decided to rent some tents and have the gathering at our love nest. Our wonderful family friend (who caters as a side job) is catering for us and buying all our meat as a wedding gift. Chicken pit and ribs on the grill? Sign me up! It’s going to be a straight up, I do, BBQ. I am a total DIY bride, so we’ve been plucking away at projects one by one. The less high stress situations the couple weeks before the wedding, the better. Our “save the dates” were sent out two weeks ago, and we picked up my wedding band this past weekend. Can you say CRAPS GETTIN’ REAL?! 214 Days until I go from Ms to Mrs! ❤

Cyster Love,


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