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It’s A Small World After All

One of my favorite things about blogging is seeing how many people from different countries I am communicating with.

When I look at my daily stats and see many views from MANY different countries, I just can’t help but think how awesome that is. Not only because I am AMAZED that my blogs are somehow making its way across the world, but because it shows that we are all more alike than you would think. We struggle with the same health issues, have difficulty with self-love, and celebrate holidays with loved ones. People from across the map are struggling to start their own families, are trying to lose weight, and thoroughly enjoy communicating with other women going through the same situations. I’ve seen locations pop up that I actually had no idea existed! How awesome is it to know that we are all so connected?

This blog is going to be short and sweet. I guess I just wanted to point out that we need to all BE KIND to one another. Whether we have different colored skin, speak different languages, or are on opposite sides of the world, we are all one. And I think that is something important to remember.

And I wanted to say THANK YOU for the continuous support! We are all in this journey together!

Cyster Love,

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11 thoughts on “It’s A Small World After All”

  1. What a lovely message behind this post. But on a more superficial note – it really is fascinating to see how wordpress bring people all over the world together. It gives us a chance to communicate with people you otherwise probably never would.

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