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So I stumbled upon this new thing the other day on Twitter that one of my fellow Cysters posted. It was an article called #saytheFword. I of course had to check it out, because I swear like a sailor and the “F” word is one of my favorite sentence enhancers. I was pleasantly surprised the “F” word they were talking about was Fertility, and there is a large group of women who are raising awareness.

We all know how influential social media can be. The rate at which information travels through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is pretty astounding, and I have seen BIG things happen this way. For example, the ice bucket challenge, GoFundMe, and that kid who claimed he was being bullied but was actually a bully himself (yikes). What a powerful tool right at our finger tips. The most recent movement, #MeToo, has been noticed world-wide and brought SO MUCH attention to a topic that needs to be addressed. What if those who struggle with fertility can make as big of a wave, just by being brave and sharing their story? There is no reason for this topic to be taboo, and I think more people need to be educated on it.

Here’s the reality of Fertility. One in Eight women struggle with trying to conceive. ONE IN EIGHT, PEOPLE! Every time you go out to eat,  grab a drink at a bar, take a yoga class, meet a friend for coffee, clock in at work… for every eight of the women in that room, at least ONE of them is struggling with fertility. For all you know, it could be someone right in your group,  or sitting in the chair next to you at work, but they are too scared to share their stories. Too nervous to find out how you would respond to it. Or simply too hurt to even talk about it. Nearly half of all women who have had a miscarriage don’t even talk about it with their closest friends. Can you imagine feeling all that pain all alone? Think about the changes we could make in the world if we all worked together to get this out in the open, and to let other women (and men) know they are NOT alone in this battle! Imagine feeling isolated on this journey when there is actually a room full of women right in front of you going through the same thing? That needs to stop!

This is why I have pledged to #saytheFword.

To share my story, and let every single person who falls upon it know that they are NOT ALONE. Fertility health is NOT taboo, and there are more people struggling than you know. Tell the world, because you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Cyster Love,

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***Check out the cause here: We Say The F Word  so much wonderful information and resources!***

Awesome #saytheFword pictures can be found on the website above! Share away, and credit/tag @Celmatix in them!

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