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So, I’ve been kind of missing in action the last two weeks. I truly apologize for that.

Life seems to be hectic lately. With classes in full swing, temporary changes at work, things going wrong around the house (holy leaky pipe filling our basement with water), and the fact that my wedding is now a mere 4.5 months away, I feel like I could use a few extra hours in each day or maybe even another day in the week. My absence from writing a few blogs a week has brought up an interesting realization  though.. there is a huge release of stress by getting my feelings off my chest and into The Cyster Story. writing really is therapeutic, isn’t it?

So here’s a little insight in to whats been going on the last two weeks.

Busted pipes. Yeah, flooded basement. 

As if the sucking water out of our cellar at 4 AM wasn’t enough of a treat, it was a copper pipe that connected to our hot water heater.. so we had to shut the heat off until our plumber could fix it. By the time he arrived around noon, the house was down to 46 degrees. Why does 46 feel semi-warm out side, but like an arctic snow blizzard inside?? Any who, we busted out our electric fire-place insert (that we haven’t yet made a mantle for) and propped it up in the center of the living room, where we huddled around it for warmth. I think Dougie enjoyed it. Our plumber graciously only charged us $100 bucks for the visit.. which is great since another pipe has since burst and we now have to have them all replaced. Yay for shit going wrong right before the wedding?

Eating Junk.

I haven’t been weighing myself much (as I said I wouldn’t), but I hopped on the scale this past weekend and holy bejesus. Up five lbs from the beginning of January. It’s funny how when I stop putting 100% effort in, but continue to live healthy, I gain weight. It’s going to be a long life if I have to watch every single thing I put into my mouth in fear of gaining weight. Why is my body so eager to be at 180 lbs?? Of course, snacks upon snacks haven’t helped a damn thing.

So me and Mike are starting a thing. I love when he is on board because it makes my life so much easier with a health buddy. Our goal is set to be reached in November when we head to beautiful Mexico for our honeymoon. My plan is to hit my healthy BMI of 24 by then. That leaves me at about 3.5 lbs a month for the next ten months. That doesn’t sound unattainable. I of course, will continue with the mind-set of just being healthy and not obsessing with the scale. Weigh day is the last day of every month. and I will not step one toe on that damn scale in between. How wonderful would it be to FINALLY be out of the overweight BMI range? Both Mike and myself have a goal of losing 36 lbs. My hopes are that my body will decide to work the way it’s supposed to without all this extra jiggly I’m carrying around.

School Stuff.

Pretty simple… first semester back after two years. Trying to keep up the work, and staying ahead so I don’t procrastinate like usual. So far, so good. Perfect score at this point!

Wedding planning.

Planning and crafting is at full force. I love, love, love it. BUT, there is always that slight amount of stress that goes along with it. We finally rented the guys suit’s… which is actually about 80 bucks more than what I paid for my dress..that was created to my body…that I get to keep after. Don’t even get me started! #wtf #howmanytimeshavethesesuitspaidforthemselves

I also finally booked my time for me and my two bridesmaids to get our hair and makeup done. Everything is becoming so surreal! Along with that I have been coming up with tons of new craft ideas, DIY bride is where it’s at. Here is one of my most recent projects. I took a vintage frame one of my aunts gave me, and added some jute to hang pictures off of. Just have to print out a few pictures to clip into it!

Also how cool is this spray paint chalk? I have some ideas for these suckers! Perfect for our outdoor wedding (that will have beautiful, bright, sunny, weather)!

Speaking of sun, the weather is getting better here in Maine. There are a couple of days in the 40’s and even 50’s this week. I CANNOT WAIT to walk on my breaks again. And there is the slightest amount of sun still in the sky on my way home. I can feel my mood improving already!


Anywaysss. I’ll be back to my usual 2-3 blogs a week soon. I have a lot to get off my chest 🙂

Cyster Love,

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