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Why I’m NOT scared to travel to Mexico

Honeymoon. One of the most exciting parts of getting married. When a couple gets to take time away from every day life to be spent with your one and only, your other half, your Husband. I get giddy just thinking about it. What a magical and romantic occasion.


Shortly after Mike and I got engaged his wonderful Aunts sat us down and informed us they were going to gift us their timeshare as our wedding present. She handed us her log in and password, and said pick whatever you want. Holy shit. As someone who fantasizes about traveling the world, this was like a dream come true.

We discussed our options and places we have always wanted to go. There was an overwhelming amount of countries to choose from, and quite honestly I want to visit nearly every single one of them. After several hours of looking, we both seemed to be leaning towards the same thing. Somewhere we have actually already been, somewhere spread with beautiful beaches, warm weather, and delicious food. Everything was leading us back to Cancun, Mexico.

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I know, I know. This is a pretty controversial place right now. When we decided to pick Mexico, there wasn’t so much negative media floating around on the internet. Every time I share with someone that this is where we’ll be traveling, we get “Are you scared?”, “We wouldn’t travel there”. This raised some red flags for me and I began asking myself why I WASN’T afraid, and wondered if I should be. All we knew is we loved every day long excursion, swim in the neon blue water, and authentic Mexican meal we ate. We have an ocean front balcony, AMAZING hospitality, and the cost of anything down there is outrageously efficient. That alone is a huge plus considering how expensive this whole year is going to be for us. Now, all I seem to read about in the news is the Mexican Cartel killing innocent bystanders, Tainted alcohol killing tourists, and the Zika virus along with what health issues it can cause to an unborn child (for up to six whole months!!!). I have fought with myself over and over again (and I’ve fought with Mike), about all the reasons I shouldn’t go. How terrifying to think that these horrible things could happen in a foreign country. And it’s selfish of me to travel there with the chance of falling pregnant after being bit by a Zika infected mosquito. The more I looked into it, the less I was comfortable with going. I started researching other places I could visit instead, and guess what? There is negative news for just about every place you could think of.


These days, the United States seems to be a pretty scary place as well. I can cancel my vacation to Mexico because of the occasional shootings related to the cartel, and I can stay here in the United States. Where children are being murdered while in school, people enjoying an outdoor concert are brutally shot to death from a sky scraper, and innocent beloved family members are being stabbed at local grocery stores. There was even a mass murder in a night club in Orlando. Right in the same city as my favorite vacation destination, Walt Disney World.

I can skip Mexico in fear of contracting the Zika Virus, and stay home where we have ticks EVERYWHERE that carry lyme disease, mosquito’s that carry West Nile, and fresh produce that citizens are getting sick from salmonella poisoning.

I’m not trying to be negative, or morbid.

I’m simply stating this. The world (at times) can be a scary place. There are cruel people in the world, illnesses, viruses, and diseases, that are all terrifying. These murderers that have no mercy for the people around them are EVERYWHERE, not just in Mexico. I can live my life in fear of these things, or I can acknowledge that they happen, and I can live my life as fully and graciously as possible.

After talking it through, we will continue with the plan to travel to Mexico, and we will enjoy every freakin’ second of it. I will take the necessary precautions such as applying mosquito repellent frequently and keeping citronella on our patio, always having a phone that I can dial home with, and being aware of my surroundings. We will do what we can to keep ourselves safe, such as not wearing expensive accessories, no walking out on the streets at night, buying alcohol from trusted locations, and only taking public transportation. Precautions that should be taken anywhere. I can’t wait to soak up the sun, drink margaritas, and spend every second with my handsome HUSBAND. The whole vacation will be amazing, and I’m counting down the days already!

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Cyster Love,

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT scared to travel to Mexico”

  1. I love this. We leave for Mexico in 11 days. I’m so pumped. I totally agree with you. You can live your life terrified of the world around you, but what kind of life are you really living?

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