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What is Infertility?

I know I have shared the literal definition of Infertility several times. Infertility is described as the inability to conceive children after one year of having unprotected intercourse. There is so much more to being infertile than what is shared in that one simple sentence. There is sadness, heartache, debt, emptiness. That one sentence doesn't… Continue reading What is Infertility?

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So, I've been kind of missing in action the last two weeks. I truly apologize for that. Life seems to be hectic lately. With classes in full swing, temporary changes at work, things going wrong around the house (holy leaky pipe filling our basement with water), and the fact that my wedding is now a… Continue reading MIA

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(Crazy) Crap we do while trying to conceive (TTC)

When you're desperate to get pregnant, you're desperate to get pregnant. You will buy, try, partake, in just about ANYTHING that gives you the slightest amount of hope. Hope that will end with a plus sign on a pee stick. So, I've decided to throw together a list of common things that I see in… Continue reading (Crazy) Crap we do while trying to conceive (TTC)

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The Awesome Blogger Award

I am so very honored and excited to have been considered for the Awesome Blogger Award! Writing has been such an awesome outlet for me, and to know that others appreciate my posts makes it all that more special! I was nominated by the lovely Kathryn over atĀ Let's Talk DepressionĀ . She is such an honest… Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award

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January PCOS Recipe: Zucchini and Ground Turkey Bake

The first recipe I am going to share with my Cysters is something I have been making for SO long, that I actually have no clue where I got the idea from. This is a simple meal that I throw together when I'm in a time crunch. The best part is that I get EIGHT… Continue reading January PCOS Recipe: Zucchini and Ground Turkey Bake

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PCOS… Which type are you?

It has been discovered that there is more than one type of PCOS. According to recent studies there are 5, to be exact. Not only is this exciting news because Scientists and Doctors are making advancement in the understanding of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but because they have finally realized that it is a HUGE issue… Continue reading PCOS… Which type are you?