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This Is Simply Real Life.

I haven't been on my blog much lately. To be honest, I haven't been on it at all, actually. I've been in this stress-ridden rut lately, where everything I do seems to take too much energy. I don't know if it's the end of the cold, dark season catching up to me, or the fact… Continue reading This Is Simply Real Life.

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Products I use to Cope with PCOS Symptoms

I've mentioned about a million times since I started The Cyster Story, that PCOS and its quirks are no joke. It pretty much raises hell on every aspect of your being, and certainly not in a good way. My symptoms have always made me pretty self-conscious. Every time I notice my side burns coming in,… Continue reading Products I use to Cope with PCOS Symptoms

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January PCOS Recipe: Zucchini and Ground Turkey Bake

The first recipe I am going to share with my Cysters is something I have been making for SO long, that I actually have no clue where I got the idea from. This is a simple meal that I throw together when I'm in a time crunch. The best part is that I get EIGHT… Continue reading January PCOS Recipe: Zucchini and Ground Turkey Bake

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PCOS, Weight Loss, and Fad Diets

I find that many people these days are looking for a quick fix. We are all hoping there is a magic diet, pill, or drink that is going to make us lose weight over night. It's impossible to go onto any style of social media without seeing some form of smoothie or wrap that is… Continue reading PCOS, Weight Loss, and Fad Diets

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New Year, New Me. 9 ways I am making 2018 the best year yet.

Clich√©. I KNOW. But with 2018 right around the corner, I feel like it's time to really start being a goal digger. In my opinion there has never been anything wrong with a person showing some ambition, and making the effort to be the best possible version of themselves. And for most, that first day… Continue reading New Year, New Me. 9 ways I am making 2018 the best year yet.

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Feelin’ like a busted can of biscuits

So first off.. the title says it all. I have really been sucking at this whole dieting/weight loss thing. I would much rather eat an entire bag of coffee flavored M&M's. And I have. ¬†Several times. I'm feeling a lot like my Ginger cat Dougie looks in that picture (no body shaming Dougie, Mamma loves… Continue reading Feelin’ like a busted can of biscuits

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The Self Love Project

One of the things I admire about men is their ability to just not give a crap. I'm not saying that ALL men don't care about their appearance, because I've seen ALOT of them who are way more put together than I am. But for most of the ones I know, thinking about their "figure"… Continue reading The Self Love Project

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Goodbye, PCOS crutch!

So those of us who have PCOS (or know someone who does) are probably aware of the struggle with losing weight. Granted not all women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have issues with obesity, but a large portion does (pun intended). After gaining 75 lbs within one year, I started to feel like a hopeless hippo.… Continue reading Goodbye, PCOS crutch!